Thursday, October 4, 2012

Musée national du Moyen Age

We had a very rainy morning in Paris last Thursday. Usually, this wouldn't be much of a problem; I'd put on my boots and raincoat, grab an umbrella, and duck into the nearest café to study... or, I'd just be in class. As it was, I had class, but the professor proposed a 2-hour scavenger hunt through the Latin Quarter. Had the weather been nice I would've appreciated it. Since the weather was not, I couldn't wait for it to end at Cluny. What an exquisite historical retreat!
Où? Hôtel de Cluny, 6, place Paul Painlevé 75005 Paris
Quand? Monday, Wednesday-Sunday, 9:15am-5:45pm
Comment? Métro Cluny-La Sorbonne, Saint-Michel, Odéon; Bus 21, 27, 38, 63, 85, 86, 87; RER Saint-Michel, La Sorbonne

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